The objective of the Rural Scholars Research Program centers on enhancing the advanced educational and research experiences for first-year undergraduate students from rural communities. Participants get hands-on experience in chemistry research, are mentored in developing and leading science service events in their home towns (including public forums, demonstrations, and other outreach events), and they develop a deeper understanding of the scientific process in bi-weekly, small group meetings with faculty. This program is supported by University of Iowa Honors Program, the Belin Blank Center, and the University's Office of Admissions. With their support, the Rural Scholars Research Program recruits additional rural students to the sciences, improves research experiences of undergraduates, and provides mentoring experiences for graduate students.

2021-2022 Rural Scholars

Hannah, Bricey, and Lizzie's research involved studying the microbial growth on disposable masks offered at various locations across campus. Their results and final research presentation can be found here.

rural scholars 2021-2022

Hannah Bissen

Rural Scholar 2021-2022
Bricey Gorman

Bricey Gorman

Rural Scholar 2021-2022

Lizzie Van Es

Rural Scholar 2021-2022

2019 - 2020 Rural Scholars

Marie Ohlinger

Rural Scholar 2019-2020

Nick Schany

Rural Scholar 2019-2020

Autumn Van Der Brink

Rural Scholar 2019-2020

2018 - 2019 Rural Scholars

2018 rural scholars

Evie Holyoake, Camryn Norton, and Erick Fadness

2017 - 2018 Rural Scholars

Morgan Van Zante, Catia Atienza, and Kinsey Gudenkauf's research focused on degradation of lidocaine.
Research Presentation

rural scholars
Analyzing samples on the Shaw Lab's Thermo IR
Rural Scholars 2017-2018 showing off their PPE
Having fun in the lab showing of their good PPE